Weekly Bill Pay and Accounts Payable

  • cropped-stock-vector-vector-silhouette-graphic-depicting-a-woman-typing-at-a-laptop-1245048.jpgAP Books can set up a weekly or bi-weekly pick up and drop off system where we pick up your bills and keep track of them in our office.

  • AP Books can cut your checks for you and either overnight them to you, hand-deliver them, or you can pick them up from our office.

  • AP Books Uses QuickBooks On-line or QuickBooks Pro and various on-line banking platforms to give you a up to date bank balance; then

  • AP Books inputs your bills into QuickBooks so that we can run a weekly report and tell you which bills need to be paid according to their due dates and available funds in the bank.

  • AP Books also provides check mailing and electronic payments through the Internet.  Some companies get there bills sent directly to our address for processing, this insures never receiving a late payment because you forgot or missed a due date.

    Online Full-Charge Bookkeeping

    Because of remote access availability this service has become a favorite among business owners

    • We provide all your accounting needs from anywhere in the world

    • Accounts payable and accounts receivable

    • Online banking and online credit card reconciliation

    • Timely requested managerial reports

    After The Fact Bookkeeping

    AP Books can provide monthly, quarterly, annual bookkeeping and all you provide us with the information and we will do the rest

    • We enter the checks and deposits

    • We reconcile all the accounts

    • We make the necessary adjustments

    • We provide your financial statements

    • We calculate your sales tax

    • We then sit down and discuss your financial situation

    We will work for you so you can do what you are good at, run your business!