Payroll Services

cropped-stock-vector-vector-silhouette-graphic-depicting-a-woman-typing-at-a-laptop-1245048.jpgAP Books payroll services insures there are no surprises on payday or each 15th of the month when payroll tax deposits are due. Whether you are managing 1 – 20 employees, or you are simply trying to keep the maid and gardener salaries straightened-out.

AP Books offers a live payroll service:

  • We prepare the payroll from your time-sheets

  • We calculate the payroll checks

  • We print the payroll checks on blank check stock using your banking information

  • We prepare direct deposit payroll

  • We prepare and electronically deposit your payroll taxes

  • We prepare and E-file your payroll tax returns

  • We prepare your worker’s compensation and other payroll related reports

  • We mail, fax, deliver, E-mail your payroll reports

  • We tell you exactly how much your payroll costs are and instruct you to transfer this amount to a separate bank account

  • We prepare and E-file your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and W2 forms

  • We prepare all your year-end 1099 forms

AP Books offers a after-the-fact payroll service:

  • You prepare the payroll and then we prepare the deposits and payroll tax returns